It’s the first Sunday in the season of Advent this weekend, where we not only prepare to celebrate the first coming of Christ, but we also look ahead with hope towards the time when Christ comes again.

Tonight I just read the following in my devo in my Bible app, written by Ms. Laura Yates, a senior Psychology major at the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor, based on this verse.

It was a great reminder and challenge, to not keep quiet about the best news ever!!

Our God is coming! -Isaiah 40:9b

A child running to show his mom his artwork.

Getting an A on a test and telling all your friends.

Hiking up a hill to see the sunset and Snapchatting the photos.

What do all of these scenarios have in common? We love to share good news with others. We cannot contain our excitement when we receive a raise, when we get engaged, when we enjoy a relaxing vacation.

So why do we hesitate to share the greatest news of all with others?

Fear. We fear rejection. We fear the opinion of man. We fear failure. We forget that the King of the universe came to a filthy stall in a mangy barn and took on the limitations of our leathery skin, salty tears, and fragile heartbeat. He subjected Himself to our pain and sorrow, growing ever greater until it climaxed with His brutal torture and death. Because of us.

I forget this sometimes. I forget the God who became a servant of all. I forget that He has called me to bring this life-giving news to a weary world, and to show them by my words and actions “Here is your God!”

He is here, inviting us to join Him in the greatest story ever told, begun with the love song sung into the chaos and climaxing with the Love Song that thundered out on the cross, “It is finished!”

Emmanuel. Say it again, breathing the name in and then out slowly. Our God is here with us, in our very breath and very being.

Our God is here with us. Let us not forget that. Let us use our time with others this Christmas season to share the greatest news in history, that our God dwells in us, is with us, and will be our God forever. (Rev. 21:3)

– Ms. Laura Yates, Senior Psychology major

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