My attention was recently drawn to this song as it came on my Spotify playlist.

The chorus simply says
I will pursue You, I will pursue Your presence…

It got me thinking.

In the late 1990’s & early 2000’s, I remember there seemed to be a number of Christian worship songs that talked of seeking God’s face, not just His hand and I questioned, where are those songs now?  Why do we talk of seeking, pursuing, waiting for, following after God’s presence instead of His face?

Then the thought came: it’s the same thing.


When you really want to get to know someone, you don’t just talk over the phone, you don’t just write letters, but you want to, and you make time to, be with them.  You spend time with them in their presence.

If we want to get to know God, we can’t talk with Him over the phone, we can’t write Him a physical letter that He will reply to in the same form, we pursue His presence.  We invite His Spirit into our lives, we get out for a walk in His creation, we can commune with Him in a quiet space or in a space with loud sung worship, we are mindful of Him with us, in every part of our lives.

Just as we can be changed, we can be inspired, we can become more like those people we hang around with, the more we spend with God, we are changed, we are inspired, we do become more and more like Him in our thoughts, our actions, our hearts.

When was the last time you or I spent time earnestly seeking after, or hanging out in, God’s presence?

Let’s pursue Him, His face, His presence…


Be Still.

“It’s helpful to ask ourselves regularly, ‘how am I doing?’ Are we hungry for more of God’s presence? Are we more, rather than less, dependant on Him than we have been before in our lives? Are we secure in Him because of increased time spent in His presence? Or are we too consumed with work and general busyness to spend time with God? As a result, have we maybe even forgotten some of His precious promises to us?”

These are some of the questions David Shearman asks in his devotional “Presence Carriers” – helping us get, and stay, closer to God.

God, I want to be someone that carries Your presence everywhere, everyday. Keep my connection with You strong Lord. Don’t let my life get in the way, so You get pushed out. Give me eyes to see the moments in my day where I can be still in Your presence. Be honoured Lord in my heart and my life my Lord and my God. Amen.