Fog/Musical Monday: God I Look to You

This morning, we woke to this view:

From our point of view, it was (& still is!) a gorgeously sunny day 🌞 but for those living on the flat part of our city, it was a foggy morning.  The sea fog is clearing for those living down there now, but initially they would have been shrouded in mist, with not much of a view.

Too often, life can be like that.  We can become overwhelmed by the fog, the circumstances that surround us.  We can’t see a clearer way, we can’t see where we’re going, we can’t see what’s above.  But if we change our perspective, if we get ourselves higher, get above the fog of life, we can see clearer, we can see the lay of the land so to speak.

In one of his messages from a few years ago, our pastor in our previous church gave an illustration from a surf lesson he took.  The instructor showed them the beach and asked them to point out the rips, but they were at best, difficult to see.  Then the instructor took them to the top of the cliff overlooking the beach and from there, the rips were easier to spot.  It was a matter of perspective.

Not belittling the issues we face in life, because some of them can be huge (& what is big for one person may not be big for another), sometimes we need to do what they did in the surf lesson and physically get ourselves higher too.  Drive or walk up to a high point where you literally can see things differently.  I love the city I live in because there are a lot of hills that I can go up and it takes me out from where I am, giving me fresh vision.

The other place we can go to get a different perspective is to God.  At the moment I’m reading a book called Without Rival by Lisa Bevere.  The other day I read this in it:

Through us, [God] wants to be on the inside looking out, not because He needs our eyes, but because we need His vision.

…which brings me to my ‘Musical Monday’ post, here is God I Look to You from Bethel Church in Redding, California.  It features on their album Be Lifted High from a few years ago, but also their latest, Starlight, which is where this version comes from: