I am going on a plane this afternoon and all morning I’ve been feeling a bit anxious, as it’s been awhile since I’ve flown.  Even though I love the take off and landing, I relax while I’m in the sky and am amazed at the science behind these big metal ‘birds’ that carry a number of people from one place to another, I still get a bit nervous or anxious about the whole thing!

But then God gave me a little reminder which completely shifted my thinking. I looked at my calendar with Bible verses on and today’s verse, Psalm 97:6, is “the heavens declare His righteousness, and all the people see His glory”.

Immediately my mind shifted to the time after take-off where you are soaring in what can feel like the heavens. We are above the earth, above the clouds in a wide open space, with maybe a few higher clouds, the sun shining and it is glorious. The heavens are showing us a glimpse of God and those of us on the plane? We get to see His glory…