He hears.

He hears, and we respond.



Let It Be Us

From Ps. Jack Hayford in my devo on my Bible app this morning:

“Let It Be You”

The God we worship is the Lord of creation, and His power knows no limits except those He imposes on Himself. Here is one of them: He waits to work His will on earth in answer to humans who ask. His kingdom—His eternal rulership—will only rule on earth where it is invited.

It is not a question of His ability to dominate on the sheer strength of His own intent. But with reference to earth and people He has chosen to confine Himself to specific channels of operation. He wills to work through people. Rebels may resist, sin may abound, but He will find someone through whom He can work.

Jesus is saying, “Let it be you.”

Yes Lord Jesus, let me be someone that you work through…


“Passion for your house has consumed me…”
Psalms 69:9a NLT



Musical Monday: Centre My Life

Loving this song we are currently learning in our music team at church.

Always good words to be praying/declaring out!

I centre my life on Your Name, Jesus…


Musical Monday: I Love Your Presence

We sing this song at our old church… totally how I feel right now…

I love, I love, I love Your presence…