It’s Orientation Week here in Dunedin, more commonly known as O-Week.  It’s the opening week of the Otago University year so the city and more particularly around the Uni area, is a hive of activity with students finalising course details, getting information overload and for the first year students, orienting themselves with the campus, their halls of residence and the goings-on in Dunedin.  This week heralds lots of pop up tents around campus, lots of gigs and after parties, and not least of all, a Super Rugby game on the Friday night with the Highlanders hosting another team, usually from New Zealand.

This Friday night the Highlanders take on the Chiefs (Waikato) and my family and I are going to the game with some friends.  This will be interesting because I’m a Highlanders fan, along with our friends, but my husband and his parents (who will also be with us) hail from Chiefs country!  So come Friday night after the game, half of our house will be rejoicing and the other half pretty quiet I imagine…..

It’s been a number of years since I’ve been to a live rugby game, but I love the atmosphere – it’s incredible.  When I was a student down here in Dunedin, I went to a few rugby games at “The Brook” (Carisbrook – also called the house of pain due to it being a difficult ground for visiting teams) and were among the many students dressed in blue and gold, waving Highlanders flags and standing on ‘the terraces’ part of the stadium.

The song I’ve picked for Musical Monday was always sung at half time.  This particular video is from 1999, recorded by David Fahey, it shows the students all dressed up on the Terraces, singing along.  The rugby games have since moved to Forsyth Barr Stadium and the Highlanders aren’t known as the Otago Highlanders any more so I wonder if this song still gets sung?  Possibly not.  But we will find out on Friday I guess………

Otago Highlanders – that’s our name,
Otago Highlanders – here to play the game
Otago Highlanders – winning is our aim
Welcome to the House of Pain!



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