What is your name?  Does it define who you are?

My name is Rachael and it means ‘naive/innocent, like a lamb’.

Now I love my birth name, but it does not define who I am.  I have another name that carries a much bigger and much deeper meaning.

It’s your name too, or at least it can be, if you choose to live your life in Christ and in the victory He won for you, for me, for everyone.  It’s ours to accept.

When we live ‘in Christ’ (that is to hand our lives over to Him, giving Him everything we are so that He can give us all He is), what we have done in the past no longer matters.  All shame, all regret, all {insert your word here} was taken away at the cross.  Instead, it is replaced with freedom and victory and so much more because we can rise up and say “hello, my name is Child of the One True King…”

(The story behind this song, combined with the song and a short message from the songwriter Matthew West, can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zl9KcbtUbrM)


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