This song creates space.  It stills our hearts.  It brings peace.

It also speaks of our hunger for God.

It speaks of our longing for His presence.

There is an expectancy.

It says of the magnitude of God but also that this great God knows us and knows our hearts.

It speaks of a waiting.  But it’s not a passive waiting.  It’s an active waiting.
We worship while we wait for Him to move.
That could be for Him move right then and there so we feel His tangible presence.
It could be that we’re waiting on Him for a healing for ourselves or someone we know, waiting on Him for salvation of a family member or friend, waiting on Him for a financial breakthrough, waiting on Him for this, or that, or even this other thing.

But we don’t sit and wait.

We actively wait.

We have a hunger.  We have an expectation.  We worship while we wait on Him.



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