I just read this from Nicky Gumbel, Vicar of Holy Trinity Brompton in England and founder of the Alpha Course.

It is a great reminder to us, to be true followers of Jesus:

“Four years ago, Pippa and I entered the world of Twitter. It is a world where you ‘follow’ other people and are yourselves ‘followed’.

Katy Perry and Justin Bieber now have over 60 million followers each. Many other celebrities also have huge followings. People follow their lives, words, lifestyle, diets and fashion choices. They want to know all about them, interact with them and be like them. They imitate them.  There is nothing inherently wrong with this. It is natural to want to follow those we admire. Following celebrities on Twitter can be fun and even enlightening.

However, following people on Twitter is one thing: being a true follower of someone is quite another. It means imitating their lives and doing what they tell us to do. We need to chose the right people to follow. Unlike with Twitter, it really does matter whom we follow. Millions, for example, followed Hitler, Stalin and Pol Pot. Still today, millions follow evil dictators, terrorists and gang leaders.

Some people are sceptical about tradition and institutions and do not know who to follow. The traditional models, which often come from or were championed by our families, institutions and political leaders, have to some extent broken down. This leaves many people unsure of whom to follow.

Jesus said many times, ‘Follow me’. Of all the people who have ever lived, Jesus has the largest number of followers. Over 2,400 million people in the world today profess to follow Jesus.  Jesus’ followers want to know Him and to be like Him.”

How do we know what Jesus was and still is like?  The four gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke & John), found in the Bible are a great place to start reading about Him…


Musical Monday: Worthy of it All

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted here… kicking it back off again with a song that is now about 4 years old but we’ve recently introduced it in our church.  I love it.  It’s based around Revelation 5:8-14, where the scene in heaven is all the elders, the saints and the Angels bowing before the Lamb of God and declaring “You are worthy…”