Give it to God and go to sleep.

I saw this anonymous quote recently and as I am still awake at what is nearly 1am where I live, it could be said to be quite relevant. Am I worried? No. Am I scared? Not a bit. Quite the opposite really. Am I thinking? Understatement of the year.

In life we go through seasons – some seasons of utter grief, some of extreme joy and then everything in between! Sometimes things are just ticking along nicely and then you have a random thought or a seemingly random conversation and all of a sudden the track your life was taking changes – for the better or the worse. Or maybe your thought patterns have a massive shift. You get a different perspective.

As a Christian, I am thankful for one thing in this ever-changing world. It is that God doesn’t change. He is the same yesterday, today and forever (Hebrews 13:8). As I read somewhere – He is the Great I Am.  Not the Great I Was or the Great I Will Be, but the Great I Am. He is in the past, He is in the present and He is in the future. Because of that, I can trust my future is in God’s hands because the Great I Am is already there.


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