Holy Week.

It was a week that I didn’t think much of as I grew up.

I was brought up in an Anglican church where my Dad was the Vicar (aka Senior Pastor) so I didn’t really have much choice in which church I went to.  Looking back I am so grateful for my upbringing in the Anglican church. I was in one that embraced contemporary worship and valued the Holy Spirit moving but it also had traditional style services too, where my friends and I dressed up in robes and served in the traditional positions that non-ordained people could serve in.

But back to Holy Week…

For me, it was a week where it seemed like my Dad had a million services on (in reality only about a dozen from Palm Sunday – Easter Day) and it seemed like he was almost living at the church. I don’t know if I really fully got it, or at least I know I didn’t get it as much as I do now.

So now, while I haven’t been going to any specific Holy Week services, I have been in my own way meditating on and following the journey Jesus took to get to the cross and then this weekend I will be going to and am involved in my own church’s Good Friday & Easter Day services.

Holy Week may not mean anything to you, or you may not even know it exists, or it might be something that you embrace fully, but this week I want to share a variety of Easter songs and hymns that I have found a connection with in some way shape or form.

The first one is See His Love, by Jesus Culture.  It’s fast but it describes the great love poured out by Jesus on the cross.

Such love, such love, such love is this for me…

This is Jesus in His glory, King of heaven dying for me
It is finished, He has done it, death is beaten, heaven beckons me…


(Warning: contains graphic images that may disturb)



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