I love this song by Matt Redman.  We are doing it a bit in our church at the moment.  It’s a few years old now but it makes a profound yet simple statement of “we are here for You”. We’re here, our hearts are open and nothing is hidden from God.  It’s one reason why we are here on earth.  We’re here for God, for His glory and to bring and declare that to others.

I also love the arrangement of this song.  It starts quiet yet solid and continues to build as the song goes through.  Then drops right back to do a big build up before moving into the tag where musically it opens up and leaves us wide open to wholeheartedly say “we welcome You with praise…”


To You our hearts are open, nothing here is hidden, You are our one desire
You alone are holy, only You are worthy, God let Your fire fall down…

(In this video, Here for You starts at 2:10)

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